About Us

Little Kimmy’s is a family owned and operated small business; specialising in Unique Garden Events and Light Catering

With a desire to ‘Love what you Do & Do what You Love’, sisters Cathy & Kim combined their creative talents for this distinctive business venture.

With a passion for creating beautiful and unique gardens, Cathy’s vision for Baringa Gardens was born.

Multiple themed gardens with surprising hidden gems throughout the grounds offer the perfect venue for Weddings, Engagement Parties or any Celebratory Event. The amazing photo opportunities available within the Gardens are endless if looking for a Professional Photo Shoot Venue.

Baringa Gardens will also be hosting Open Garden Days and Community Events during the year and will be duly advertised.

Cathy’s love for working outdoors and the desire to offer a unique space for your special event are shown in the end results of the picturesque Baringa Gardens.

Unlike her sister, Kim prefers to work indoors! With a love and fascination for all things Vintage, a passion for homemade cooking and the belief that a ‘Cup of Tea makes everything Better’ Kim is kept busy hosting High Teas for Baby Showers, Bridal Showers or any excuse for a High Tea within Little Kimmy’s Tea Rooms.

With the introduction of “Evangeline” the sister’s talents are further entwined; with guests enjoying the chosen Garden space whilst Evangeline oozes cuteness in the background serving your guests. The sister’s undeniable differences are why their business works so effortlessly together.

With all of this exciting new information, we hope to hear from you soon to help make your next special event fun, fabulous & fantastic.

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